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Free Discreet Shipping on All Orders Within The USA

Velvety Wrist to Ankle Restraints

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 These wrist and ankle cuffs are perfect for beginners or for those who want easy, soft restraints! Made with nylon and covered in velvet, these are super soft against the skin while also being strong and sturdy! Easily put them on or take them off in seconds, too! The Velcro closures ensure ease of use and speed when needing to take them off! After a hot and sweaty scene, it's a pain to clean cuffs. Not anymore! These cuffs are machine washable! Throw them in the washing machine on a cold cycle and have them fresh for another day! 

 They're blindfolded, gagged, and waiting for your next move. You cuff their wrists and ankles in the soft cuffs. Then, you take their arms and legs and spread them across the bed. There are attachments beneath the bed that you cuff them to. As they lay there, naked and exposed, you can't imagine anything more beautiful or sexy as they quiver with anticipation. You begin the scene with impact play and delight as their skin starts to blush, the blood rushing through them along with adrenaline. Then you begin to tickle them. The torment begins as they scream and laugh, unable to get free of your mischievous plan. As they thrash around, they can't escape the restraints, and their bodies arches and writhe! Finally, you cease your sadistic tickling and start brushing your fingers gently across their skin. They're so sensitive that every touch elicits an exaggerated response, a twitch here and there, and a terrified but gleeful shriek! Then you begin again with impact play and their body relaxes, fully ready for the deeper scene.


  • Wrist cuffs adjust up to 14.5 inches in circumference.
  • Ankle cuffs adjust up to 19 inches in circumference.

    Materials: Velvet (polyester), Nylon, Velcro

    Color: Black, gray

    Key Features:

  • Soft and Velvety: These wrists and ankle cuffs are soft and velvety,, so you and your partner will enjoy the feel of them!
  • Easy to Use: Great for beginners who want to get kinky but play safe!
  • Velcro: TheVelcroo closures are strong and can keep your partner restrained, but easy to get out of!
  • Machine Washable: Keep your cuffs clean by machine washing them!