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When you're looking for that exact piece you can't find, a special occasion coming up, or need a personalized handcrafted design created by LustDiva. Then please call us toll free and take advantage of our 1 on 1 appointment scheduling complimentary of our designers.

Instant Digital Gift Card

Send that special someone an instant digital gift card with options starting from $10+. All digital gift cards purchased are immediately sent after the order is completed via email & text message. Why wait a couple hours or even a couple minutes? When you buy a gift card now, you should receive it now!

Monthly Giveaways & Rewards

As many of you know the first of each month restarts the next monthly giveaway. Every customer regardless of the amount on their order. Automatically places you in that month's prize pool. All customers who do not make an order will not be added in the monthly giveaway. Last month 3 people won $768 worth in prizes. Even though only 3 people won the main prize drawings. We made sure every single customer that was in the monthly giveaway pool didn't go unnoticed... Also, we're introducing lottery style random drawings which will award various prizes throughout the month to customers currently in the monthly giveaway. Any questions we are always available. Good Luck everyone!!! 💯💯💯

Who's LustDiva???

LustDiva is a brand-new take in today's ever-changing fashion. As we are creating a new style of apparel aiming to appeal to the fit & functionality for every individual's needs. We currently send out our latest designs to various people for real world testing. We have also contracted with select manufacturers to offer beautifully designed high-quality products without the expensive price tag nor lengthy delivery times. LustDiva was not designed to be just another designer apparel company. It was designed and is functioning as a company that is standing up with a loud voice, while giving back using profits, incredible friends & vast resources. Even our physical selves with volunteering. We will now be expanding our reach nationwide instead of strictly locally in Michigan. All new updates, changes, latest announcements and ways you too can also be a part of giving back will continuously be updated through our newsletters. As always, we heavily encourage feedback & your opinions, as well as areas that you feel could benefit from some extra help.