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Tower Of Pain Nipple Clamps

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 Put your submissive in a predicament: they can't escape with this Tower of Pain! This tower has clover-style nipple-clamps that increase in pressure when they are pulled on. The rubber tips protect the skin of the nipples and areola, but the pressure is wicked! The tower also adjusts in height, so you can find the perfect height to torment them with! Made out of stainless steel, it is nickel-free and perfect for sensitive skin. The clear plastic acrylic pad sits between the nipples on their chest as a steady platform. It breaks down easily for storage or travel and can be cleaned with warm water and mild soap or a gentle cleaning solution.

 Lay them back, bare-chested, nipples exposed. Place the acrylic platform on their chest and then attach each of the clamps to their nipples. Grab the nipple, clamp onto the areola behind the nipple, and slowly release. As they get used to this sensation, crank up the height a little! Every time they relax their posture, the intensity of pressure increases! Tease them and play with them as they are held in place by this intense tower of pain!


  • Assembled: 11 inches Height x 9.9 inches Width x 7.9 inches Depth.
  • Adjustable height: 8.37 inches.
  • Clamps are 3.6 inches Length x 1.6 inches Width & open up to 0.6 inches in diameter.

    Materials: Stainless steel, acrylic

    Color: Clear, metal

    Key Features:

  • Stainless Steel and Acrylic: The high-quality steel is nickel-free and the acrylic is clear and sturdy.
  • Clover-Style Clamps: These clamps are rubber-tipped and wicked for serious pain enthusiasts!
  • Adjustable Height: Adjust the height of the tower to match the height of the nipples.
  • Disassembles: Take it apart easily for storage and travel.