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Cuffed & Loaded Kink Bag w/Functional Matching Handcuffs

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Show off your kinky style with this fashionable bondage bag! Big enough for an overnight stay, you can put all your favorite essentials in it! The durable, faux leather is vegan-friendly and can handle being stuffed as much as you do with fun toys! The bag comes with two sets of metal, nickel-free handcuffs that have quick-release levers and can be used either as the handles for this bag or on your wrists and ankles. A total of 4 sets of keys are included for the cuffs. If anything gets on the bag, simply wipe it clean with a damp cloth.

 What will you bring to your overnight stay? Something that says you're kinky and ready for fun! You tuck all your favorite vibrators, toys, ticklers, and maybe even a flogger and paddle inside. Add in some lingerie if you're feeling extra sexy and a ball gag if you think they might make you moan loudly. The cuffs are a nice touch, and as you carry the bag by the chains you think about how it will feel to be cuffed later tonight!

Measurements: The bag measures 13 inches Length x 7.25 inches Width x 7 inches Height. Cuffs are up to 8 inches in circumference and the connecting chain is 12 inches in length.

Materials: Vegan leather, polyester, steel

Color: Black, metal

Key Features:

  • Perfect Bondage Bag: This roomy bag is classy and flags that you're kinky when you use the cuffs as handles. Store all of your kinky gear inside!
  • Faux Leather: Made out of durable, vegan leather and is vegan friendly.
  • Cuffs Included: The two cuffs with chains are included along with 4 sets of keys. Cuffs have quick-release levers.