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Ass Rattler Weighted Inflatable Silicone Anal Plug

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Go deeper with your fantasies and stretch the limits of your pleasure with these weighted, inflatable silicone anal beads. The two large balls are made of heavy steel and a stretchy, silky smooth silicone covers them. Their round body can be pushed inside with the help of some lubricant, and they will reach into your derrière and settle in the rectum. The cord extends out of the backdoor and has a slim, flanges base that is perfect for long play sessions and comfortable wear. However, the real excitement begins when you use the soft, easy to use, bulb hand-pump and inflate these round, weighted balls from 1.2 inches wide to 2.8 inches wide! As they expand, you can feel them adding pressure and sensation to your A-spot or P-spot. You control the pressure and the release with the built-in, quick-release valve that lets you deflate fast or slow.

After insertion and inflation, you can remove the hose and the plug will remain inflated. Enjoy the downward pull of gravity as it gently tugs on the steel balls in your derrière. All other sensations and touches nearby will be enhanced by the added pressure from this sensual, sexy plug! Simply begin by adding lots of lubes, popping one ball in and then the next. Once they're both inside, slowly inflate to the degree you are comfortable with. Detach the hose and keep that pressure while you play with yourself or a partner!

After use, simply wash with warm water and mild soap, then spray with a toy cleaner and let the air dry. Use only with water-based lubricants.

Measurements: Overall length: 28.75 inches. Deflated: 5.1 inches insert able length, 1.2 inches widest insert able diameter. Inflated: 8 inches insert able length, 2.8 inches widest insert able diameter. Plug alone weighs 3.6oz.

Materials: Plug: Silicone Weighted balls: Steel Hose and bulb: PVC, metal

Color: Black

Note: Use only with water-based lubricant.

Key Features:

  • Inflatable Plug: This anal plug has two inflatable balls that start at 1.2 inches in diameter and swell up to 2.8 inches in diameter! Designed to go deep into the rectum, they will fill you up and press against your A-spot or P-spot!
  • Removable Hose: The plug can stay in place and inflated even after the hose is removed. The wide, flanges base keeps it safely in place.
  • Weighted Balls: The two balls are spaced out along the cord. They start at a small diameter for easier insertion, and then expand. Inside the balls are weighted steel that adds pressure and a pleasant, downward pull.
  • Quick Release: The inflatable plug comes with a pump that has a soft bulb for easy pumping and a quick release valve that lets you control the speed and release pressure fast or slow.
  • Soft Silicone: Made out of soft, smooth, premium silicone.