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Free Discreet Shipping on All Orders Within The USA

Crank Ball Gag

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Crank Ball Gag

Open wide! Your partner will not have a choice when you stuff this unique ball gag into their mouth! Fasten the strap tightly at the nape of their neck, pushing the silicone ball past their bratty lips and teeth. The thick panel of fine leather will muffle any moans or whines that might still escape. Time to release the wickedness within! The cruel crank allows you to push the silicone ball deeper and deeper into their mouth, prying their desperate mouth open more and more. Take your BDSM play into a new territory of tantalizing torment...

Measurements: Straps adjust from 19 to 26 inches in circumference. Ball is 1.84 inches in diameter. Crank allows the ball to insert up to 3.75 inches into the mouth.

Material: Silicone, leather, steel

Color: Black