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Cb6000s Black Chastity Cage Kit

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Experience the ultimate in true chastity. The CB6000 keeps your cock securely locked up and is designed for long-term wear and use. The medical grade polycarbonate material is lightweight, breathable and hypoallergenic. The cage is vented for easy cleaning and ventilation, keeping your goods safe until you’re released from chastity. With a cum-thru tip, you can still urinate and keep yourself mess-free while wearing.

Built to last, this cage is durable and can be worn for long periods. For a perfect fit, there are multiple locking pins and spacers so you can adjust the sizing of the cage. After you find the right fit, allow yourself to be locked up securely by one of the 2 brass locks (included. For travel purposes, 5 numbered plastic locks are included so you don’t set off the TSA alarms while traveling and can keep your chastity a secret. Or, leave the brass lock on and enjoy the risk of being found out!

To clean, simply use warm water and mild soap, then let it completely dry. For when not in use, store the cage in the drawstring carrying bag.

Measurements: Cage Length: 2.05 inches, Inner Diameter: 1.38 inches

U-Ring sizes: #1-5 (#1: 2 inches, #2–1.88 inches, #3: 1.75 inches, #4: 1.63 inches, #5: 1.05 inches)

Materials: Medical Grade Polycarbonate

Color: Black

Key Features:

  • Strong, Secure, Lightweight: The medical-grade polycarbonate material is strong and durable and lightweight for long-lasting, secure chastity.
  • Easy to Clean: The cage is vented for easy cleaning and hypoallergenic for long-term wear and use.
  • Adjustable Fit: Includes multiple locking pins and spacers for a secure and snug fit.
  • Brass Lock & TSA Friendly Alternative: The kit includes 2 brass locks for long-term chastity. For travel friendly options that don’t set the alarm off, the kit also includes 5 numbered plastic locks.