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About LustDiva

  LustDiva LLC was created on November 5th, 2021 to offer an online shopping experience in female fashion trending apparel directly from We created LustDiva to offer the hottest fashion trends ranging from elegant designer apparel, to wildly exotic lingerie, accessories and a mix of apparel in between. All too often we see top trending fashion products being unreasonably overpriced with outrageously increased pricing markups. Our mission is to have the same fashion trends, with budget friendly products that everyone can access.

  Our first goal is to get to be financially self-sustainable. Once we hit that milestone, we can broaden our scope a bit more. We will begin to setup and introduce publicly "The National Hands-on Community Outreach Program" created completely from scratch by LustDiva LLC. This program was designed with an in-depth strategy to be effective & resourceful in aiding any community, big or small, regardless of city or small-town size within the U.S.A. This early in our company's startup we cannot fully fund this program to be used effectively as designed. So, it'll be a good time to get it setup and introduced openly with the public on a national level.

  We will be launching a 60-day crowdsourcing campaign in hopes to seek funding for our very own LustDiva brand apparel. Taking it from the drawing boards, to physical production & innovated sales stage.  If we are successful, we will be making incredible strides in operating a more resourceful website for our customers, at a cost savings to you! Contributions  to this funding through appropriate channels will aid in successfully running our hands- on charitable programs. At that point we will be able to offer paid employment positions as well to keep up with operations.

 Our first LustDiva brand product to be designed and manufactured is in the making and we are excited about it! Our intention from the start was to be inclusive in our business plan with our customers opinions and views- we want to hear from you. With this, ideally the first couple products are going to benefit and aid in some charitable way based on a collaborative decision amongst our team.  We feel that with the loyalty we have been shown so far,  it's only fair to give back to all of you in return.

 Please join us on this journey- it will be a wild ride!.

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